About Onestar India

Our Story

Onestar Education System is an institution dedicated to build individual entrepreneurship founded by Vivek Ranaware who is a Leadership Resource Coach and Corporate Hypnotist. Vivek Ranaware has employment engagement and industrial experience in dairy and food sector before he entered in Network Marketing way back in 1998. Those days were very new for Direct selling Industry which gave Vivek Ranaware opportunity to work and start business from the scratch, lot of education was needed to do direct selling in addition to motivation. Vivek Ranaware achieved success and continued his networking for 6 long years with one of the pioneer company in India. He was trained by national and international trainers in this journey in additional to the educational Audio, Video and books helped him a lot to upgrade in lesser time.

Within no time after his inner self got tuned to help individuals to become entrepreneurs and grow existing business owners. He started his Training Coaching Consultancy way back in 2005 for small and medium scale business owners. Till date he trained thousands of individuals participating in his workshop and inspired lakhs attending his motivational seminars.

With the current scenario in Direct selling industry where few are making their carrier in this industry while majority are struggling to survive or are quitting very fast. Majority of the carrier seekers in this industry have quitted their full time job or winded their business but in vain. In the present days people are losing their character to earn money by getting influence of easy to get rich schemes in the name of network marketing. This had a major carrier impact on Vivek Ranaware to once again rethink on starting himself as a networking leader and be a lead by example. He decided to dedicate his rest of his life for ethical networking and coaching individual business owners in Direct Selling Industry, this is how Onestar Education System was born with the purpose to help and transform individual business owners in direct selling industry to achieve their dreams to be financial free creating a legacy for the coming generations.

Onestar is an educational support system designed to teach every individual how to upgrade themselves at every walk of Direct Selling to attain Financial Freedom.

Onestar conducts Seminars, workshops and events to support its independent distributors grow their business.