Education System

Business Orientation Program

This is an introduction about the company, direct selling industry and realization of true potential of self and what can be achieved in this business. This program is mainly divided in two parts A) Why to do This Business which is a dream building session and B) How to do this business where we talk about proven success steps to be followed to achieve the dreams.

Presenter Workshop

This workshop is mainly focused on developing presenters for home meetings and business seminars in open public. Here we will teach how to conduct scripted format meetings and seminars for better result. The leaders will be groomed for public speaking and polished to talk simple but yet very effective. Here communication skills and closing skills will be polished to create a speaker foundation for next level.

Speaker Training

The leaders who are conducting successful home meetings and seminars for a long time will be further groomed to share their success story. These leaders have proved the system works for them and they have achieved phenomenal success in their direct selling business. These are the leaders who have been leading by example who can be role modeled by new upcoming leaders. These leaders will conduct success seminars for building more business.

Leadership Development Workshop

This is a residential workshop which creates inner transformation to be a leader. This changes from attitude to speaking, communication and driven by value individuals. This workshop is based on book by Steffen Covey “seven habits of highly effective people”. This is a one night and two days mentoring experiential workshop.

Dream Building Workshop

This is a complete visionary workshop for the participants who want to fulfill their dreams. The goals are set on a very scientific way and given proven system and process to attain targets. This workshop is assignment based and to be follow up by practical project.

Mind Power Workshop

The workshop is specially designed to manage personal and professional work balance. Unless a person is internally balanced he can’t be successful in the outer world. This workshop is very scientific and full of technique to be implemented practically. With my last 15 years of experience in Hypnosis and NLP I have seen people get transformed very easily.